Kicksled hike around Tondisaar Island (Haunted Island) on Lake Võrtsjärv

Activity holiday

If the ice conditions are suitable, you can go on a completely unique experience: kicksledding on a frozen lake.
We invite everyone to explore Lake Võrtsjärv in winter on kicksleds. On the hike, we will visit Tondisaar Island (Haunted Island) that has a mystical reputation, where we will also have a picnic (additional service). The tour guides will tell exciting stories about the area and nature.
A kicksled hike of up to 10 km on the frozen Lake Võrtsjärv lasts up to three hours.
Many people last rode a kicksled in their last childhood. Some are trying it for the first time. You push with one foot, you stand on the sled with the other – it is a piece of cake, everyone can do it.
Nature tourism is waiting for you!

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