Rõngu St Michael’s Church of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church

Worth seeing

The medieval Rõngu St Michael’s Church is dedicated to the Archangel Michael. The church is also known as the oldest building in Rõngu.
The church has suffered major damage in several wars, and over time, the original architecture has been partially altered during the restorations. The current shape of the church dates from the last reconstruction in 1901.
Today, the most significant parts of the church are the altarpiece (1901, the work of a Dresden artist), the organ (V. Müllverstedt, 1874), and the stained-glass windows (1900, the work of Riga artists).
The church participates in both the ‘Wayfarers’ Churches’ and the ‘Night of Churches’ programme.
The church can be visited on Sundays during the service or by prior arrangement.

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