Trepimägi recreation area

The Trepimägi recreation area is one of the most beautiful and popular resorts on the eastern shore of Lake Võrtsjärv.
The nature reserve was created in 1964 for the protection of a forest area with dunes on the eastern shore of Lake Võrtsjärv. The Lake Võrtsjärv abrasion terrace that is up to 13 m high can be seen in the nature reserve. Its absolute height is 50 m, i.e. 17 m above the surface of Lake Võrtsjärv.
A 90-year-old pine forest with a few spruces, which is rich in cowberries and blueberries, grows on Trepimägi Hill. Trepimägi is an object of pristine nature. The beach is suitable for bathing, there are picnic and campfire sites, a small camping area, a volleyball court, and an open beach building. The complex belongs to Elva rural municipality.