Vapramäe children’s trail


The Vapramäe children’s trail (1.6 km) is part of the Vapramäe nature study trail (3.5 km). The trail is short but with hills and steep climbs that add to the excitement and adventure. It takes about 1-2 hours to cross the trail marked with yellow lines on the trees.

The start and end point of the trail is located in the parking lot on the Peedu side of Vapramäe. On the hiking trail, you can explore Hundikuristik (Wolf’s Ravine) the Chair of Kalevipoeg (Kalev’s Son, the Estonian national heroic epic), climb a steep esker, and then a head into a deep pit where even a small swamp has formed.

There is a campfire site by the Elva River and a dry toilet on the trail.

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