Beautiful nature and amazing taste sensations at the Waide Motel!

Are you looking for a scenic place where to go on a relaxing holiday with your family, or are you driving around in Estonia with a caravan and looking for a nice recreation area as a stopover? Waide Motel is waiting for you with their arms wide open!⁣


Waide Motel is like a small lovely village located in the middle of the Elva forests in Southern Estonia. The holiday complex includes several holiday homes where you can relax, also a spacious main house and seminar house where you can organize various events . Waide Motel has a spacious caravan park, where you can stop over for a longer journey and stretch your legs. Waide Motel is owned and operated by a hardworking family which runs the place as a second generation. As a result, the successful family business has been operating daily for almost 27 years. Their courage and entrepreneurship is the example for so many – did you know, for example, that they were quail farming years ago? Up to this day, visitors are offered delicious dishes made with locally grown ingredients. It is not a coincidence, since the landlady and chef of Waide Motel belongs to the Association des chefs cuisiners estoniens. Trust us, her delicacies are already alone worth coming here, since they are delicious! Book your vacation or memorable event in Waide Motel already today – relaxing holiday and taste sensations are guaranteed! ⁣

More information:

Contacts: +372 730 3606, info@waide.ee⁣