Come and enjoy delicious dainties in the heart of Elva!

Do you want some cake? Come and enjoy delicious dainties in the heart of Elva!


Did you know that café “Do you want some cake?” has already offered more than 130 kg of delicious cakes and pastries to its visitors while it has been opened? The café is small but there is enough room for different muffins, cakes, cookies, bread and other savory pies. The café uses only the best ingredients without any additives. In addition to pastries, you can also order coffee drinks, handcrafted lemonades and ice cream with handmade waffles and fresh berries. If you have an important event coming up, why not order the whole menu from the cafe Kooki tahad? In addition to the on-site delicacies there are cakes, pies, pretzels and platters also available for ordering. In this case, the biggest problem while organizing any kind of event is solved and you can enjoy the party together with appetizing sweets yourself as well. Come and visit small cosy cafeteria Kooki tahad?

More information:

Contacts: +372 5323 0558, tahadkooki@gmail.com