Come discover the Hellenurme Mill!

Have you ever wondered why there is a saying that two hard stones do not grind good flour? You will find the answer to this and many other important questions from the Hellenurme Veskimuuseum MTÜ! ⁣


Hellenurme watermill is the last mill in Estonia which up to this day is working on water power. In Hellenurme you can see and feel the atmosphere of an old mill life. Colorful stories of the mill lady and the uplifting aroma of fresh-baked rye breadspice up the experience! During the summer preparations a cozy outdoor kitchen has been completed at the mill, where you can organize pleasant events and cooking classes.The menu is multifarious starting with the selection of pancakes cooked on outdoor stove, ending with oven baked pizzas . During the warm and tender summer nights you also have an opportunity to take part in mill yoga sessions which will take place in July and August. So get your mind ready in advance and book your date for visiting Hellenurme Mill Museum already today! There is enough room and activities for smaller and larger groups!⁣

More information:

Contacts: +372 5205142, mae@veskimuuseum.ee⁣