Dear hikers! Pack your packback and get ready!

Now is the time to plan something fun! We will introduce you to the home of adventures – Lõunaretked!


Have you been thinking for a while that you could do something exciting together with your whole family? Are you looking for something that is suitable for children, teenagers, and adults as well? But at the same time, you are stuck because you do not know where to start? In this case, the experienced tour operator Lõunaretked will help you out!

The team of Lõunaretked will help you to choose the most suitable route and way of hiking. For example, they can help you to organize a hike, a canoeing trip, snowshoe tour or ice skating field trip. And best of all, you can also rent equipment from them! So all you have to do is pack your family altogether into the car and start your adventure! Believe us, they know what they are talking about. The experienced team of Lõunaretked finished Võhandu marathon in 2019 with a time of 16:05:09, so let’s try to follow their example!

More information:

Contacts: phone +372 5645 6447, lounaretked@gmail.com