Elva European Town of Sport 2021

Elva is applying to become the European Town of Sport 2021

Elva is applying to become the European Town of Sport in 2021. The title is assigned by the non-profit association based in Brussels ACES Europe. In 2020, Kuressaare was appointed as the first European Town of Sport in Estonia.

Elva kandideerib Euroopa spordilinnaks. Foto: Marko Hõrak

Photo: Marko Hõrak

The title of the European Town of Sport is assigned to the local municipality which has less than 25 000 inhabitants.

In order to apply for the candidacy of European Town of Sport, the team of Elva Municipality composed a bidbook which provides an overview of the area of sports within the municipality together with further plans and developments.

On November 12th, a virtual meeting with the evaluation committee of the representatives from ACES Europe was carried out where the delegation of Elva presented the bidbook. The team of Elva was composed by the vice mayor Marika Saar responsible for the cultural, educational and social affairs, head of sports Madis Šumanov, head of tourism Hemminki Otstavel and CEO and trainer of FC Elva Marek Naaris.

“The title of the European Town of Sport provides us an opportunity to increase the acknowledgement of the municipality of Elva as an attractive sport tourism destination in Estonia and abroad” explained vice mayor Marika Saar.

Moreover, the title provides us a chance within the municipality and sports clubs to develop international cooperation, initiate new projects and increase the network of contacts. It gives us an opportunity to prioritize the importance of healthy lifestyle and increase the movement and activity among our people.

“The main objective of the municipality of Elva is to unite our communities via sport and increase the quality of life by providing various opportunities to do different kind of sports. The title of the European Town of Sports gives us more outreach!” said Saar.

The final decision by the evaluation commission will be announced in December 2020.

The title of European Town of Sport has been assigned by the non-governmental association ACES Europe (European Capitals and Cities of Sport Federation) since 2001.

Elva Municipality would like to thank everyone who contributed to the process of creating the bidbook. Both versions of the bidbook in English and in Estonian will be available on VISIT ELVA website.

In 2019 Elva was awarded the title of Estonian most athletic local government.



Vice Mayor Marika Saar


Sports manager Madis Šumanov


Tourism manager Hemminki Otstavel