Elva Pitsapoiss welcomes to try out delicious handmade pizzas!

Do you know what does chilli heat, intersection with bacon or mushroom picking mean? Come to Elva Pitsapoiss and find out!


Located in the wooden business module at the Elva central square, Elva Pitsapoiss (Elva Pizza Boy) has been open since the beginning of this summer. Everyone is welcome to try out delicious handmade pizzas. You will recognize Elva Pitsapoiss from far away because of its outstanding flag and delicious pizza aroma. Since all the pizzas are made from Italian flour and handmade throughout each phase, the final result is extra crispy and good quality. Even the pizza sauce is handmade, therefore it is definitely worth trying. Are you thinking what these interesting names in the menu stand for? The explanation is quite simple. Since the pizza boy himself is a huge movie enthusiast and enjoys going to cinemas, all the pizzas in Elva Pitsapoiss are named after Estonian movie classics. Come and try out! Since the delicious aroma of pizzas is floating around on central square every day and the traffic around Elva Pitsapoiss is quite busy, you should follow their Facebook page in order to receive all the latest news. 

More information:

Contacts: 5361 0500