Jõesuu Turismitalu invites people to try traditional seine fishing!

Have a great start of the week! In order to make time for holiday plans during these busy working days, we will introduce you another opportunity next to Lake Võrtsjärve. Today we will show you what Jõesuu Turismitalu has to offer!


Have you thought you should try something new this year? Or something that is actually just forgotten old? In this case, during the law-water period you should go to Jõesuu Turismitalu, where you can participate in traditional seine fishing in Suur Emajõgi. It is a historical fishing practice, which has been passed down from generation to generation. Lots of emotions and the smell of fresh fish is guaranteed for everyone. Seine fishing is ideal for the teams to enjoy team training, which includes cooking and tasting jointly catched fish. Come to Jõesuu and try this out!


More information:

Contacts: phone +372 51 63 777, info@joesuu.ee