Lake Museum welcomes visitors!

Ahoy, fish friends! Lake Museum is waiting for you! Get ready for a thrilling adventure!


Are you interested in fishing, want to gain new knowledge or you are seeking for exciting new experiences? Lake Museum is waiting for you with the whole family! Lake Museum which is situated on the shores of Lake Võrtsjärve has the largest collection of freshwater fish in Estonia. It creates a lot of excitement when a fish swims by right under your feet! Also, it is definitely worth taking a look at the second floor as well, where more exotic exhibitions are set up from time to time. Also, the seminar hall of the Lake Museum offers a wonderful view to the whole lake! Keep an eye on the Lake Museum Facebook page, because there are constantly exciting events and activities taking place for everyone!


More information:

Contacts: phone +372 523 2177, rita-anette.kohava@emu.ee