Mysterious Silent Lake between the beautiful forests of Elva!

Mysterious Silent Lake is waiting for you to enjoy the fascinating beauty!


Between the beautiful forests of Elva lies a mysterious body of water called the Silent Lake. This lake is a sight worth seeing itself, which fascinates visitors at any time of the year with its charming nature and silence. The Silent Lake has also fascinated the poet Jaan Kärner who often used to go there to gather inspiration for his work. In its immediate vicinity are located Nature Energy trail, Elva cemetery,  Elva reservoir and Tartu County Recreational Sports Centre. The beautiful oval forest lake is a perfect place to enjoy for vacationers, hikers, and swimmers during the summertime. The best time to enjoy the mystique and peace of the Silent Lake is early in the morning with sunrise and a cup of hot tea or coffee. We highly recommend you to go and enjoy the beauty of our pure nature and undiscovered secret treasure!

Photos: Maigi Lokko