Palupera primary school invites everyone to participate in the “Forgotten Manors 2020” guest game!

Palupera primary school invites everyone on the second weekend of August to participate in the “Forgotten Manors 2020” guest game!


Did you know that Palupera primary school is located in the former manor house which historical atmosphere can be enjoyed up to this day. In addition to the wooden main building, the historical manor complex has a barn, distillery and a two-storey ore dryer. In 1933 Palupera primary school moved to the manor where it operates up to this day. In September 2019, the first National Geographic Yellow Window in Elva Municipality was opened in Palupera. You can enjoy the view to Palupera Manor and beautiful manor park through the window. National Geographic Yellow Window‘s route in South Estonia is developed by Tartu Rural Development Association. 28 sights worth discovering were chosen in order to strengthen regional identity, make the region well-known and bring visitors from other places in Estonia and abroad. Already in August everyone will have an opportunity to visit Palupera Manor since on 8th – 9th of August Palupera Manor is opened in the framework of the guest game “Forgotten Manors 2020”. During these two days you can participate in the guided tours which will start every hour! See you in Palupera!

Photos: Marko Hõrak, Kayvo Kroon

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