Parvsaun24 invites people to Lake Võrtsjärve!

Friends, let’s go sailing! Parvsaun24 offers an ideal mini vacation from everyday life. Come and spend one perfect weekend with your loved ones together with Parvsaun24 on Lake Võrtsjärve!


Have you thought about celebrating your birthday differently this year?  Or have you considered organizing an awesome seminar? The raft sauna on Lake Võrtsjärve is an ideal place for that! Bring your friends, family or colleagues and enjoy the charm of Estonia’s largest inland waterway. What makes the Parvsaun24 special is the spacious deck, where you can lay down and enjoy a hot summer day. In addition, there is also a hot sauna, where you can enjoy good steam. Fish lovers can catch their own fish and later prepare eel soup or smoked fish for a delicious dinner. The best part, however, is that when you get along well with the captain, it is possible to visit the infamous Tondisaar (Haunted Island). And if you wish, you can also spend the night on the raft sauna! This already sounds like a truly exotic adventure!

More information:

Contacts: +372 56 248 932, info@haagissaun24.ee