Restaurant Wabrik invites everyone to enjoy summer programme and delicious food!

When was the last time you visited Restaurant Wabrik?Tonight you will have an unique opportunity since there is a concert taking place on the summer terrace. Starting from 8pm Sandra and Jalmar Vabarna (who are the key figures of Estonian famous folk band Trad.Attack!) will have a wonderful concert performance.

Restaurant Wabrik is a place definitely worth visiting this summer! Did you know that Wabrik is located in the heart of the former Elva Bakery which made up to 700 cakes a day. Wabrik offers a unique gastronomic experience! From the menu you can find delicious pizzas cooked in Italian pizza oven, barbeque meat cooked on live fire for at least 8 hours and all the other fresh and seasonal dishes. In addition to the delicious menu Wabrik offers a perfect place where to organize birthdays or other events.

This summer Restaurant Waksal Wabrik offers an exciting summer programme. For example on July 18th there is a performance „Head tüdrukud nii ei tee“ #suvemaasikas Elvas where scandalous Anu Saagim, talented Kethi Uibomägi and #motheroftheyear Liina Pulges will appear on the stage. On July 24th Indrek Taalmaa with his monoperformance “Lollidemaa” will amuse people. In August you can participate in the celebrations of Football Festival FC Elva 20 and on August 15th everyone will have a chance to enjoy the music of Estonian folk duo Puuluup. See you this summer in Waksal Wabrik!


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