Sepa Talu is welcoming you to spend a relaxing holiday in the countryside!

All the animal lovers and nature enjoyers, we have something for you! Sepa Talu is welcoming you with your whole family. Come and spend a relaxing holiday in the countryside!!


The hospitality, warmth, and love of animals at Sepa Talu is something that will not leave anyone cold! Cozy holiday house is located in the village of Aakre between the forests of Elva parish. Sepa Talu guests have the opportunity to pet a variety of animals, which offers kind of therapy and a peace of mind. The hardworking family offers its guests a special joy of recognition and memories from childhood. Every guest at Sepa Talu is always welcomed as a family member. There are several activities for everyone – you can take part in a forest hike, enjoy the pleasure of the sauna and pick berries and mushrooms from the nearby forests. What is especially exciting is that the Sepa Talu family can communicate in five different languages: Estonian, English, Russian, Dutch and German. Why is that so, everyone needs to find out themselves! If you want to take time off the busy city life and miss the calmness of the countryside then Sepa Talu is waiting for you with their arms open!

More information:

Contacts: phone +372 5553 3564, edwindeelen@hotmail.com