Tartu Observatory is a suitable place to start your adventure in Southern Estonia!

Did you know that since 2013, when Estonian first satellite ESTCube 1 was launched to Earth orbit, Estonia became a space state? The overview of this exciting space journey can be seen at the Tartu Observatory in Tõravere.


Tartu Observatory is the perfect place to visit for those who are interested in space technology. Since Tartu University is part of University of Tartu, it operates on daily basis as a research and development institution. Therefore, the whole atmosphere here is very exciting and full of new knowledge! 

In August, the large telescopic tower in the observatory is open from Thursdays to Saturdays from 12pm to 4 pm. Throughout the year it is also possible to book tours , organize seminars and discover outdoor attractions. During an exciting cosmic expedition at the Tartu Observatory, you can get acquainted with the sundial, scale model of the solar system, stellarium and perform spectral observations of variable stars with the largest 1.5 m main mirror optical telescope in the Nordic countries. 

Tartu Observatory in Tõravere is one of the 21 places worth discovering in Southern Estonia that are marked with a yellow National Geographic window. So start your Southern-Estonian journey here!

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Contacts: +372  696 2510, kosmos@ut.ee