What Vehendi Marienhof holiday home next to Lake Võrtsjärve has to offer?

Today we will bring you to the historical Vehendi Marienhof holiday home, which is located right next to Lake Võrtsjärv!


Are you looking for ideas to escape the hustle and bustle of the city? Vehendi Marienhof⁣ welcomes all retro enthusiasts! Did you know that the construction of the Marienhof holiday home began already in 1958? And its first name was the car column “3053” holiday home? If you didn’t know that, you should definitely come and see it with your own eyes! And most importantly, until June 7th there is a discount campaign!

So book your vacation at Vehendi Marienhof already today!

More information:

Contact: napritson@gmail.com phone +372 56 485 872⁣