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There are several legends about the origin of Elva and its name. Some talk about thunder, others about summer cottages. The heart of the region is considered to be the „pinetown“ Elva which has its historical summer resort image. The whole landscape of the region is rather diversified. Half of Estonia’s second largest lake Võrtsjärve is situated in Elva Municipality. You can also find an adventurous network of hiking trails in Vapramäe-Vellavere-Vitipalu area as well as around Elva and Lake Võrtsjärve. Moreover, you can discover several other smaller or bigger, historical or modern tourist attractions in the area. One thing is certain – you will never get bored while in Elva since there is something to do and discover for everyone.

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Elva European Town of Sport 2021

Elva is applying to become the European Town of Sport 2021

Elva is applying to become the European Town of Sport in 2021. The title is assigned by the non-profit association based in Brussels ACES Europe. In 2020, Kuressaare was appointed as the first European Town of Sport in Estonia.

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Komorebi Sushi offers a pure sushi experience for all the sushi lovers!

Did you know that Komorebi Sushi located in Arbimäe offers healthy solutions for empty stomach? From their menu you will find a broad selection of delicious sushi sets. KOMOREBI Komorebi offers a pure sushi experience…

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Tartu Observatory is a suitable place to start your adventure in Southern Estonia!

Did you know that since 2013, when Estonian first satellite ESTCube 1 was launched to Earth orbit, Estonia became a space state? The overview of this exciting space journey can be seen at the Tartu…

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