A walk around Lake Arbi Nature Trail

Welcome to the Shores of Lake Arbi!

The trail around Lake Arbi has been used for recreation, sports and as a pleasant opportunity to stay in nature. The same path has been a good change in studying: both kindergarten children and other school students can observe the change of seasons, listen to the frog concerts in the spring, watch the birds and get to know the trees and other plants. Over the years, many nature lovers and kindergarten and school teachers of Elva have wanted to create a nature trail marked with information boards to introduce both – the biodiversity around the lake and the natural values ​​of the protected Elva-Peedu forest park. 

In cooperation with Elva department of the Estonian Society for Nature Conservation and the non-profit organisation Elva Elama and with the support of the Local Initiative Program, the Municipality of Elva, the Estonian Society for Nature Conservation and individual donors, Lake Arbi Nature Trail was completed in the year 2022 and opened on the 7th of May. The contents of the trail boards and stands have been created in cooperation with nature lovers and the researchers from the University of Tartu.


There are eight information boards and two larger stands on Lake Arbi Nature Trail. There are ten stops altogether, where you can learn something new about Arbi biodiversity. Besides, the stand on the wooden platform provides an overview of the significance of Lake Arbi in the cultural history of Elva. In addition, each board and stand is equipped with qr-code that leads to additional material. The information on all boards and stands is also available in English.


Locations of information boards and stands of Arbi Nature Trail. Designer: Piret Vutt


Lake Arbi – the heart of Elva! Photo: Ragnar Vutt.


The project was led by Maris Hindrikson, who was supported by Krista Noorkõiv and Toomas Laatsit.

Main photo: Ragnar Vutt

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