How to arrive to Elva region? What is the most convenient way of transportation to use for arrival as well as moving around in the area? Here we will provide you an overview of different means for transportation. You can arrive to Elva by car, by bus, by train, by bicycle or caravan. Within the region it is most convenient to walk, bicycle or drive around by car.


The best way to arrive to Elva is by train. You can take a Tallinn-Valga express-train and hop off on the train stop „Elva“. The trip from Tallinn to Elva takes approximately 2,5 hours. It is also extremely convenient to take a train from Tartu, this trip takes approximately 27 minutes. On everyday basis there are 3 – 4 trains passing Elva from both Tallinn/Valga directions. You can buy tickets online or in the train. More information about the schedules and ticket prices is available here.


Arriving by car, it is approximately 195 km from Tallinn, 27 km from Tartu, 210 km from Narva, 154 km from Pärnu, from Valga 60 km, from Viljandi 67 km and from Võru 65 km. Parking in Elva is free of charge. If you would like to rent a car, the closest rental firms are located in Tartu. More information is available here.


It takes only a short bus ride to arrive to Elva from Tartu. Free public transportation is available on everyday basis from 6am to 10:30pm. While using public transportation for arrival from other cities such as Tallinn, the most convenient way is to take a bus to Tartu and from there another one to Elva. All local busses in Tartu county are for free for everyone (even for visitors). Valga – Elva bus line is also an operative mean of transportation due to it frequent driving schedule. More information about the schedule and tickets available here.

Photo: Kayvo Kroon
(Photo: Kayvo Kroon)


Elva tourism and recreation region is well discoverable by bicycle. It is actually the most environmentally and budget-friendly way to explore surroundings. You can also take your bicycle to spacious trains. In Elva you can rent bikes from Tartu County Recreational Sports Centre or Verevi Motel. Moreover, you can rent Fatbikes from Verevi Motel in order to make your trip even more adventurous. Entire Elva recreational region is spacious enough to explore the surroundings by cycling. There are several local bike trails and routes in Vitipalu (15 km and 23,5 km), Vellavere (8 km and 13 km) as well as around Lake Võrtsjärve which is one of the longest local bike routes, reaching a length of 140 km. If you would like to discover Elva region together with a trail guide or in case you would like to order different cycling hikes or tours, you can find more information from here.


When travelling by caravan, you can stay in the caravan park of Waide Motel or Kiviranna caravan park. Waide Motel has camping site for more than 50 caravans in the total area of 2500 m². Kiviranna caravan park is located next to lake Võrtsjärve with the area of 2000 m².


Closest airports are situated in Tartu (22 km), Tallinn (191 km) and Riga (234 km). Therefore, in order to arrive to Elva by plane, it is neccessary to combine other means of transportation as well.

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